About Me

Are you Dominant and in control in your public life, yet crave submission to a Beautiful, Seductive, Powerful Woman such as Myself in private?

Allow Me to guide you safely into the deepest darkest recesses of your mind and into the depths of your most deviant desires.

Will I choose you to be the fortunate recipient of My insatiable, ravenous appetites for the erotic, the exotic and the taboo?

I make no apologies for My beauty, My passion or My deviant, hedonistic nature. Rather, I revel in all of it and more.

I choose carefully those who I will I allow to inflame My desires and inspire My wicked imagination – those who will ultimately bring Me pleasure. – because after all, that is exactly what you are here for correct?

I am a naturally gifted lifestyle and professional Mistress and a very creative Woman who loves to enable submissive males like yourself to realize their full potential in service to Me​.

I am elegant, naughty, charismatic, hypnotic, wild, demanding and highly addictive. Once you meet Me your life will revolve around pleasing Me and “you” will never want to escape from My trance.

Your most forbidden dreams will become a reality in My domain. Explore them with the most Sensuous, Intelligent and Professional Mistress in Perth’s scene today.

In My realm you can experience restraint, whips, paddles, crops, CBT, humiliation, orgasm control and so much more.

Before contacting Me for a session, you must first read My rules.

Your journey is about to begin! Drop to “your” knees and know that “your” destiny is as​ one of My loyal pets. It is what drives you and you are helpless to deny it. Give yourself to Me and know what true happiness​ really​ is.