You can politely request a session with Me, however do keep in mind I may be busy at times. I strongly recommend 24 hours notice or more to ensure your appointment with Me.


I am available for outings provided proper respect is shown to Me at all times.


I am also available for…

Get away trips

Shopping spree’s

Cross Dressing excursions

Dinner functions

Business travel



Or any special events where you may need an intelligent, sophisticated companion like Myself to accompany you.

An outward vanilla appearance will be maintained at business functions and other such outings unless otherwise requested.

Discretion and privacy is assured.


Download theĀ application form answer all the questions in detail.

“copy and paste” it into a new email, then email it back to Me:


Be aware of My basic Rules before you contact Me:


1: Do not call unless you are absolutely serious and genuine about it.
2: My time is valuable, do not waste it with idle chatter.
3: My fees are non-negotiable. Do not ask as refusal may offend.
4: I am meticulous with My personal hygiene, with the cleanliness of My Dungeon and its equipment, intending slaves will not be accepted unless similarly clean.