JUNE 2017….

Goddess Diva,

I know this is a private email and for your eyes only but l would be happy to have the whole world read what l’m about to say.

What defines a goddess?
 Well Mam (as l called you multiple times during our session together), It is you!!
The connection between slave and DOMME has to be a two way connection, to be able to reach 100% potential and l believe W/we shared the beginning stages of that connection..
I’m sure that l will be a much more accomplished slave in due time. I want to be proficient in any tasks i perform for you such as CBT.
l have a my own personal Chastity Device and even though i told you it is a hard limit, i would suck a mans cock for you.
I would be very grateful when you command me make lick the feet of Mistresses/slaves /Women and men and l most definitely would look forward to any contact with your body on any level because you are the very best! You have an AMAZING BODY and AMAZING PERSONA MISTRESS, GODDESS DIVA.
Anyway the list of things l like is nothing compared to the list of things l would do for you Goddess and it is anyone’s guess. l will obey your commands no matter what they are!!!
You were and are AMAZING! Thank You for a most perfectly enjoyable day!….I wish I was so rich i could spend even longer with you!
Goddess is a term used much to often without justification. You my AMAZING MISTRESS DIVA…..YOU are a GODDESS, no doubt about it!!!!!!!!
The American slaves are going to be SO LUCKY to have you!!!!!



Recently I had the pleasure of experiencing a session with mistress diva. As a complete newbie to bdsm and domination I was very nervous but I had a few fantasies I wanted to try. The first thing that struck me about mistress diva was she is fit! She obviously works out a lot and she is an extremely attractive blonde woman. Mistress diva is great at mental domination while still making me feel comfortable, yet pushing my boundaries. She genuinely enjoyed making me her play thing and it was one of the best experiences I have had. I have already booked again and can’t wait for her to make me her little fuck toy again!



Mistress Diva is a true professional and a true Goddess to be worshiped, adored and if your naughty; feared.
As a first timer she was understanding, caring and very accepting of me. From the start she commanded the room with her confidence and grace, she is truly beautiful.
She guided me through a whole range of activities and fetishes, exploring and teaching me what it means to be a slave and to serve her as her slave.
With her wealth of knowledge, a huge supply of toys and outfits, she has something to please everyone’s tastes.
Thank you Mistress Diva, you helped me to experience some long term fantasies and fetishes. To finally serve as a toilet was such a fulfilling experience, something i will never ever forget. Will certainly be seeing you again soon.
Toilet Boy


MARCH 2015…

My first session and won’t be the last with mistress diva that’s for certain!!!
This was my first session experiencing strap on play and I throughly loved it. As soon as I walked in, not a minute was wasted, dripping (literally) from the get go mistress had me worshipping her thigh boots, then onto things I wasnt expecting like being put in shibari rope bondage whilst i was gagged, spanked and whipped!
All in all she was and looked absolutely perfect for a first timer like me and everything was conducted in a professional manner. I wouldn’t have changed anything about the session and would highly recommend her to anyone. I will be hoping to see her again when she’s back in Perth to experience and explore all sorts of things Mistress Diva has to offer.
Thankyou Mistress Diva



Once upon a time…no this wasn’t a fairy tale but walking into the dungeon of Mistress Diva was like a surreal experience. My heart beat faster upon seeing her in the flesh for the first time. She was only a couple of feet from me and she looked better than any of her pictures. Long long blonde hair was the first thing I noticed, it was so straight and fine. Her face was was pretty but you could tell she was no princess by looking at her eyes. And her figure, so slender and sexy. Her outfit accented her figure perfectly, I wanted it gone to see her better, but of course I knew that wouldn’t happen and again it got my pulse racing.

The dungeon was lit perfectly, it felt private and warm whilst also a little dark and deviant. I recognised equipment that was agreed upon to be used. It was neatly laid out almost ceremoniously like it was awaiting me.

Mistress Diva did things to me that I really didn’t expect and they threw me and made me feel out of this world. Those seeking a strap on experience, don’t be shy. She genuinely seemed to be enjoying doing things to me. But a caveat is that I believe I was well presented and behaved and followed her instructions. You only live once and there is only one of her, don’t miss this chance and leave yourself wondering.


I recently saw Mistress Diva for the first time. Right from the moment I arrived she had tailored a session that I had thought about for a long time. She took me to the edge with all the scenarios that were played out.

It was the perfect first session and I will be back for more without a doubt.



S L a V E!!!!!!!!!!!!!
S stand for surrender all of me to you ….. heart mind body and soul do you rule ……
L stand for the love that a slave gives only to his Mistress I give all to you to be loyal and true
A is for always at your command obeying your every demand
V is for void you fell so completely in me… with your touch I’m over joyed
E is for emote emotions you bring to me . I want your touch I desire the pain only my Mistress can give to me whips and chain’s deliver me …

January 2014

….slave justin…another true devotee of the Divine Ms Diva GreyI first encountered Mistress Diva on her webpage, which I found fascinating and rather unique, unlike many, many others.  I was captivated as soon as I read that opening paragraph…….Welcome to My domain. I sincerely believe things are meant to be and your presence here is no mistake”……that really impacted on me.

The site is not a list of “things I do” and ” things I don’t” as so many others are,  it makes the simple  statement that Mistress will decide what the relationship will be, what “things” will get done, and that it will be what the Mistress wants at the time, given the preferences of the slave involved ( or may be not as that is the Mistresses choice too).
The contact form is another unique aspect of serving Mistress Diva.  I was deliberately vague in some of my responses as I did not want my application to be “a list of things”either and was interested to find out what Mistress had worked out from the information I sent.
Mistress Diva responded saying she knew exactly what i needed and what i was wanting.   Mistress was right, not only did she read my information, she read between the lines too!!
My Session was wonderful, and more than that too!  Today I served a magnificent Mistress who understood who I was, what I wanted, and was comfortable enough in letting me be part of it. I also firmly believe this was the tip of the iceberg for me.

Nothing today was about me, it included me in the way Mistress thought would benefit me, but it was never about me.  It was always about the Mistress, and frankly that sets Mistress Diva apart in my experience.

I have never met any other Mistress who genuinely does that, and that comes back to the message in her website.  “You are here for me…….”
I am happiest committing to a Mistress who chooses for me what happens and when, whether I am with her or not.

Today I found that Mistress, a true Diva!


May 2012

I came across Mistress Diva advert on this web site, after reading it I was captivated by her appearance and what she was offering. I e-mailed her and promptly received a reply with her phone number, I made more enquires and booked a time and date

On the day I arrived at her apartment, a new modern development in the heart of Northbridge and knocked nervously on the door, the door opened and I was greeted warmly by Mistress Diva, she looked fantastic dressed in a one piece leather catsuit with high heel black boots, her long blond hair flowing down her back

She guided me through to her room where I told her this was my first experience of BDSM, Mistress explained that I would be taken through a range of sensual experiences so just relax and we shall have fun

I was instructed to shower and when finished come back into her room and kneel naked on the floor, she sat waiting for me as I did as instructed, Mistress then put on my collar and I was hers

The hour went so quick, I was lead though scenarios I never dreamt I would experience, I left with my senses buzzing, totally adoring my mistress and wanting more.

April 2012

Yesterday I enjoyed a wonderful session with Ms. Diva at her dungeon. When I was greeted by the Goddess at the door I couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked! She always looked fabulous in her pics but somehow even more in person! She immediately had me crawl to her play place and we began the session in short order.

Her dungeon is well equipped and featured several accessories that I especially enjoy, including a Sunny Black bondage table and a very nice bondage cross.. Many of her toys were prominently displayed on the walls which increased my excitement. You know it’s always a thrill when a session goes particularly well but this one was even more of an exception!

What can I say…she put me through my paces with all of the types of play I’m in to but she was able to do so with such genuine enthusiasm, sexiness and skill that I was truly taken by her spell. The experience sent me walking out of there like I was floating on air! I have to tell you, this Mistress has a truly remarkable energy and playfulness about her that only comes with a sincere player and not just someone out to make money. She obviously loves what she does and it shows! You know how it goes….if you love what you do success will follow.

Well, I know I will be back.

slave jordan